We help you manage your orders and inventory through multiple channels.

Verve AmazonListingServices helps you Outsource order processing for Amazon orders. It saves on time that you require by gaining control of your inventory, processing the orders of your customers and so much more. Through this, you can you can reduce the time spend on doing routine tasks and focus on what is important for the business.

Our team of experts make sure that your stock levels are always updated for your Amazon store. If you are selling through Amazon Vendor Central, these are the things that we can help you with:

  • Updating your product catalog
  • Managing various customer orders
  • Checking your inventory in real time

We also offer inventory planning and management services that can help you with handling your business. We will be in charge of checking out the inquiries of your customers, double checking the order details, taking note of the shipment of products, managing refunds and returns for orders, invoicing and so much more. We can do all of these services because we are properly equipped with all the tools we may possibly need.