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    E-commerce Customer and Order management support for Growing Retailers

    No matter the size of your company, we are designed to be the right fit for you!

    E Commerce

    We Work with any Customer service and order management platform


    We’re familiar with a most of software e-retailers use to help support your clients. We work with many SAAS and PASS providers and are familiar with many support and live chat software But we also understand every customer and their customer management philosophy is unique. We document and train our agents extensively in the transition process to capture this!


    We optimize your process by bringing over 100+man years of experience to the table


    We think, breath and live e-commerce. We work with many marquee customers across many verticals. We are not just a people leasing service but more of a process management company that will help not only manage your growing team but also refine and update your processes with the best practices in the industry. Together we learn and grow every day!



    We trust in God, for everything else we go with data!


    We believe, as you do, that having the right data is key to your business success. Each week you’ll receive a report from us detailing all the latest metrics relevant to the role our team is performing. We also share a report on how we plan to make the next week better than the last one. Continuous improvement is our mantra!


    Let's Scale your ecommerce business!

    World-Class Outsourcing from [email protected],India

    Hassle Free Scaling

    Vserve is on-demand! No Contract and no setup fees. No matter how fast or slow your company grows, we'll be able to grow your team with you.

    Reduce your effort put into managing world-class customer support

    Let your team focus on what they do best. We'll support your customers and give you regular customer feedback reports.

    Lower Your Montly Expenses

    When you're growing fast, the overhead costs can be an inevitable factor that limits your growth. We're more cost-efficient than any other solution.

    Multi-dimensional Support for Growing Business

    No matter how big or small you are, we're your partner in getting bigger

    We understand e-commerce operations

    What’s the best fit for your business?

    We understand e-commerce operations are seasonal and tend to fluctuate depending on the size of the business and the category you are in. We can set you up with a dedicated team who do just customer support or have teams which multi-task depending on your needs. You can have them support your customer during peak season and get them to work on enhancing your data and content quality during slower periods. It’s all up to you!  We give you complete control on how you use the resources and we will train them for you.


    Recruiting & Hiring

    Payroll & Benefits

    Work Infrastructure

    Email and Chat support training

    Content Writing Skills

    Product Data management training

    Flexible 24/7 workers

    Discounts for 15+team Size




















    Do you have any questions? Let’s try to answer some..

    There are no setup fees, extended contracts or hidden costs. We’re transparent with our service and charge based on headcount and the role being fulfilled. We charge first and last month’s fees in advance and start billing only once we’ve recruited all the agents per your company needs. From then on we’ll send out a monthly invoice payable via wire transfer.

    Our agents work on SLAs and standards pre-defined and agreed to by both of us. We meet and then exceed the quality of work your current team is providing. We believe great quality is a necessary condition for success in our relationships. However, there is a learning curve of 8-12 weeks when we transition.

    Once we both have a good understanding of the roles being filled, we’ll send out the transition plan and service agreement. We also study your past emails and create a training document for your approval. After this, we’ll immediately begin recruiting and work with your team to create a tailored training program for your team. The typical hiring time for a team of 10 agents meeting your requirement will be 10 days. Once we’ve vetted all the recruits, we’ll train them to your standards and go-live with your approval.

    Our company primarily serves online retailers. If you’re in the need of 1-2 people to anywhere up to 100 people, we are structured and designed to provide that. We work with companies expecting high-growth and need help to manage a part of their business that is absolutely necessary for their continued success. We create partnerships, not customers – as our growth is interdependent and our success is depended on yours.

    We provide outsourcing services e-commerce focused retailers with services provided out of our India offices based in Chennai and Coimbatore. Our service is custom-tailored to each company we work with and can be something as simple as data management to customer support, and advanced backend-office tasks. We allow companies to grow unrestrained and stay competitive as they grow.