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Things You Need to Know About Amazon Store Setup & Management

Amazon Store Setup

Amazon creates an excellent platform for sellers with an unavoidable competition. The 5 million plus sellers on this market is a tough competition for any aspiring and developing seller. Failing to get through may collapse your business aspiration. The way out is to build a successful brand by differentiating and showcasing your uniqueness from others. It is possible by building an online store –

On this note, Amazon offers to create a store page for its sellers, to showcase its uniqueness. Here is all about Amazon store setup and management.

What is an Amazon Store?

Amazon store is a premium feature offered by Amazon to its sellers, to create a custom brand page to showcase their value and increase user experience. An adequately built amazon store can resemble a physical sales outlet that enhances the brand-centric shopping experience both on desktop and mobile. The feature is available for sellers, agencies and vendors.

Why Do You Need An Amazon Store

What are the key features of an Amazon store?

Customizable Templates:

Amazon offers the freedom to choose from various templates and design to create the page. These features are also customizable according to preferred changes.

Curated Content: 

The content profile, including descriptions, images and videos can be edited at any point of time. In addition, this feature helps adapt to changes and improvisation easily.

Multiple Product Pages:

Apart from the home page, it is possible to extend our online store to three pages. For instance, this extension can be utilized to showcase more products and collections.

Integrated Promotion:

To help the seller with marketing, amazon extends a one-touch integrated social sharing button that directs you to various promotional extensions.

Detailed Business Insights: 

The amazon store insights dashboard is the tool to analyze your metrics. Data analysis will now be much more comfortable with daily visits, page views, sales stringed to the dashboard. 

How to set up an Amazon Store?

Start by creating a seller account : 

The process begins with setting up a seller account that requires your basic information like bank account details. In addition, to ensure the legitimacy of the information, amazon would verify all valid documents. Be prepared with documents related to payment, business contact information, email address and password. This step could be completed within a few minutes.

Create Amazon Seller Account

Register your account with Amazon Brand Registry:

This is a significant step in Amazon Store setup. For example, someone can sell fake products in your brand name, which brings down your brand and sale value. Registering with Amazon brand registry helps you curb the chances of copycat products. Through this process, amazon eliminates fake and counterfeit products. And it also becomes necessary, as only a registered brand seller can build and control the amazon store pages. 

Amazon Brand Registry Application

Note: Amazon will accept only brands approved by World Intellectual Property Organization and the following 15 countries: United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, European Union, United Arab Emirates

Start Creating Your Store’s home page

Post brand registration, it’s time to create our store page. Relate this home page to the reception of your physical store. Try making the best impression. Selecting an inappropriate theme can degrade the look of your store. So, choose the best that your store needs.

Therefore, Amazon offers four different themes, from which we could select a home page design. Select a theme which will best suit the kind of product that you sell. Consider and have a thought process about the type of content including images, videos and descriptions that you are going to display. 

As you know, the theme and content should not mismatch. 

Creating a store page begins with uploading the brand logo and display name. If you are a startup, make sure to design the best and suitable logo. So, it will be easier to register in people’s minds.

Continue building other store pages: 

Of course, a single page isn’t enough to demonstrate all aspects of your business. To help you with this, amazon offers to create additional three pages, which could be navigated from the home page. These pages are useful to display more collections and variants.

Make use of this option to demonstrate more of your brand products. Add content tiles in line with the home page. Picking random styles without considering other pages may affect the appearance of your Amazon store. Also keep the navigation of these pages in a simple way, so that it is easy and friendly for users to operate.  

Add Content Tiles to the pages:

After creating the series of pages, it’s time to add content tiles. Content tiles are nothing but the section that holds the images, descriptions, videos and navigation to your products in other pages. Select the tiles available and place them sequentially to get the best display.

Upload your products:  

This is a prime task in amazon store setup. Upload the products that you want to sell through your store. In addition, list your products with the Amazon Standard Identification Number; Create the best content to promote your product; and include all necessary information regarding the product.

Let the homepage highlight your best selling and latest products. Upload all other variants and collections in the additional pages. As you have already arranged the tiles, now place the relevant images, videos and descriptions accordingly. 

Upload Amazon Products

Note that listing products is not a one time task; it is repetitive. Changes have to be made with every analysis, brand improvement, and stock availability. It’s efficient to pull a product listing expert for better management.

Submit your page for review: 

  It’s time to submit your created page for review. The page can be published only after the review process by amazon. Twice check your page thoroughly for any spelling mistakes, View optimization, Descriptions and all videos and images. This review process might take several days, during which you shall wait and then publish.

How to Manage your Amazon Store?

Managing an Amazon store means, updating products, removing or adding contents, performing constant price and competition analysis, checking on stock availability and doing any required changes to your pages. So, it’s pretty much confirmed that merely creating a page may not build a profitable business; Management is magic.

Employing yourself for every task may end up as a burden to the business. Hiring random experts for Amazon store management will require supervising, which can kill your time and energy. It’s efficient to go for a one-stop solution, where all amazon services are available from A to Z. 

How can we help?

The long and creative process to set up an amazon store requires expertise to create and manage. As an Amazon Store Setup and Management Service, we can help you build the best online store and manage it efficiently. Our flawless process and expertise work will help you build the store that you need.


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The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Your First Amazon Virtual Assistant

7 Tips to Manage Amazon Virtual Assistants and Boost Productivity

Manage Amazon Virtual Assistants

Amazon virtual assistants can make your life much easier. A valuable addition to your business, they can help boost performance and save your time and effort to focus on tasks that need your attention. 

Infact, an Amazon virtual assistant can help reduce your operating costs upto 60%

That said – Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant will add no value until you know how to make the best out of working with them. While proper communication is the key, let’s step further to understand how to build a successful business relationship with your virtual assistants.

Tips to Manage Amazon Virtual Assistants

Define the Role:

Imagine a situation when you want to hire two dedicated VAs. One for data entry and another for product listing optimization. The similarities between the jobs may lead to a communication gap between the employees. 

That’s why it’s essential to define the role clearly upon hiring. Make it a point to delegate the specific tasks to the suitable Amazon virtual assistant based on their skills and experience. And invest some extra time to outline the tasks concisely to your VA. Assigning your employees to their zone of excellence will improve their productivity and help them learn and excel in their expertise. 


Make communication a priority. Consistent communication with your VA is a must to find the areas that need the most attention. Make sure the mode of communication is quick and effective. You can use online communication platforms like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Loom to consistently contact your virtual assistants. 

Slack is an excellent tool for instant messaging. It is customizable, and you can create channels in slack specific to your business. For Instance, you can create separate channels for Amazon store management and product content creation and listing and direct messages distinct to your Amazon virtual assistant based on the task.  

And, Loom is an easy-to-use tool that can record your computer screen, voice and face and instantly share your video with your team. Instead of hopping on a skype call or typing a brief for your virtual assistants over email, It is easy to send them a loom.

Tips To Communicate Effectively With Va

Set Targets:

Establish performance goals and break them into meaningful metrics to understand your VAs performance. It’s easier for you and your virtual team to sort out these critical metrics at the beginning. Set the KPIs based on the tasks they need to accomplish.

For Instance, the metrics for customer support virtual assistant will be the number of sales and resolved customer issues addressed in a month. In contrast, for a product sourcing virtual assistant for Amazon will be the number of profitable products and the winning deals at the same time.

According to a study by psychologist Gail Matthew, when people have written goals, they were 33% more successful in achieving them.

Once you establish your KPI’s, it’s best to put them in writing. The document that spells out your expectations can be used to evaluate your VA’s performance. Moreover, having this document in view will motivate your virtual assistants to work towards achieving them.

Track Progress:

Make a point to track their progress. Tools such as Asana and Trello are excellent task management boards that allow your team to log every step of the process. This will keep you and your VA to be on the same page with the daily, weekly and monthly expectations. And help check the progress quickly rather than constant emails and message check-ins.

But, How to monitor and manage your Amazon virtual assistant without micromanaging them? 

The key is to use the right set of tools and technology to connect with your VA.

There are several online management tools that are not intrusive with your Amazon virtual assistant’s everyday activities yet are compelling enough to make sure the project runs at the needed pace. 

Create a Shared System:

Save yourself from the trouble of continually emailing deadlines, project lists and updates, by creating a shared system giving access to your Amazon virtual assistants. Besides, you can also plan and track the tasks using the shared network for easy access. 

The simple setup and generous amount of free storage make Dropbox a suitable choice for many businesses. The free version includes 2GB of storage space. However, Google Drive offers more open space than dropbox does, starting with 5GB, and is cost-effective compared to other shared file systems.

There might be situations where you want to share credit card numbers and confidential information. And in turn, your VA can store new passwords in the same documents when they open new accounts. A password manager tool like Lastpass can help create solid account information and passwords and share them across your team securely in such situations.


Did you know, disengaged employees cost companies a total of $300 billion in lost productivity each year? 

Employee motivation is a critical aspect of effective management, and it’s even more critical when handling remote assistants. Appreciate their success, completed timelines and reward skills in review meetings. Moreover, having regular reviews will allow you to discuss any concerns. And be clear about the changes that need to be made.

Besides positive feedback, a word of kindness can keep their motivation afloat. Give your Amazon virtual assistant a review on how their results positively impacted your sales and performance. For Instance, it will be a good idea to give your Amazon virtual assistant a quick peek at how their product content or the SEO efforts have increased the site clicks and sales.

Provide Training:

Train them on every aspect of your business. An Amazon virtual assistant will have strong technical knowledge and skill sets but will need a bit of understanding of your business’s particulars. If you own a brand or sell a unique product, it’s better to train your Amazon virtual assistant on the product and the niche industry.

Use software like to quickly create video walkthroughs of the tasks to handle or the software used to manage and upload data. It is also good to maintain a central repository of know-how and information related to the Amazon business to save your time on training.

Do you still think you need hands-on helping with managing an Amazon virtual assistant?

We can Help –

Vserve is a one-stop solution for all your Amazon virtual assistant needs. Manage your Amazon marketplace accounts right from setting up your store to account management and promotional activities. We have experts to get it all done while you sit back and relax. Additionally, trust Vserve virtual assistant services to deliver the needed assistance to manage your virtual assistants for Amazon with a dedicated program manager and 24*7 support.


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The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Your First Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Selling on Amazon can be challenging!

Even if you have one of the best selling stores in the niche, your trade-off doesn’t end there. Running an Amazon business takes your constant attention and a truck load of tasks, as there’s so much you need to keep your eyes on.

But do you have the time to handle all your Amazon daily routines? Or are you missing sales and losing profits without the most needed time to interact with your customers?

If yes, it’s time to hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

But, Who is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

The term virtual assistant is making rounds within the eCommerce industry for years now. An Amazon virtual assistant is a resource who can work remotely, yet effectively manage Amazon stores and ensure that your store is in great shape.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Tasks

Depending on the skill and expertise, they can offload various time-consuming tasks in your schedule. From tedious tasks such as product listing to the critical ones, every eCommerce support task will fall under their expertise. And, you can hire them for part-time, full-time or for a particular project based on your business needs.

Are you hesitant about hiring a virtual assistant? Is trust an Issue?

In our discussions with our potential clients, we noticed many were hesitant about hiring an Amazon virtual assistant. They find it tough to trust a remote resource for their business critical tasks.

How would I know a VA can actually perform for what I’m paying them for? How do I know they wouldn’t cheat on the hours? What if they flake out halfway through a project?

If you’re someone with these questions in your mind, just like our clients.

Relax, we’ve got your answers here.

Benefits Of Hiring Amazon Va

Trust need not be an issue. Virtual assistants for Amazon are trustworthy, especially when you know how to take the right precautions while hiring them. It includes carefully reviewing the complete application and rigorously verifying the candidate’s information.

To explain further, we have detailed the right steps needed to hire the virtual assistant for all your Amazon business needs.

Steps to Hire the Right VA for your Amazon Business (Tips included)

Pendown your Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Amazon:

Before stepping in, you have to think about the top task that you need assistance with and why.

For instance, if you’re delegating Amazon data entry, it might be because it’s repetitive nature might take up your time. And, if you’re planning to hire a photo editing expert. The reason might be that you or the team may not have the right skill set to do it.

Setting this up right before the actual hiring process will help determine the tasks to be assigned to  virtual assistants.

Set Key Performance Indicators:

Plan on how to evaluate your virtual assistant. This step can keep communications clear between you and your virtual assistant. Clarify –

  • The number of hours they need to work for you
  • The key performance indicators that they need to achieve in a month
  • The list of task they would be responsible for
  • The communication opportunities and possible constraints, and
  • The format and process for monthly reports

Define the Scope of Work:

The mistake most Amazon sellers make with their virtual assistant is that they expect beyond the scope of the project. If you have chosen an Amazon VA to perform product listing, you cannot expect them to help with marketing activities, and not copywriting.

That’s when you need to set rules to bridge the gap between your expectations and the deliverables. It’s best to define every minute responsibility and spell it out to avoid any confusion.

Create your Job Posting:

No matter the site you choose to source your virtual assistant, this step is an important part of the process.

Our recommendation is to create a clear and crisp posting. The listing should have the detailed ideas of what you are looking for in an Amazon virtual assistant.

Adding on a tip, it’s best when you include a key question in the posting. Expect the candidate to answer it along with the reply mail. This will make it much easier for you to sort the candidates who have read the complete job posting.

Source the Right Candidate based on your Requirement and Budget:

Once you are clear with VA’s responsibilities, it’s time to step into the real process. Find the right candidate as per your business and under your budget. You can connect with hundreds of virtual assistants for Amazon FBA through sourcing websites, independent consultants and Amazon virtual assistant service providers.

Take your Time to Interview the Virtual Assistant:

No matter how many attempts it takes before hiring the right candidate, make sure to evaluate his/her skills thoroughly. To know more about your Amazon VA, you can start a Skype call for a face-to-face interview.

Here is the list of questions you could ask an Amazon virtual assistant in an interview.

  • How long have you been working as a virtual assistant?
  • What are your skills and expertise?
  • Do you have any relevant certificates or diplomas?
  • Is there any experience you with my kind of product?
  • Do you agree to have regular feedback calls?
  • How do you deal with confidential company data?
  • What are the skills that make you stand out?
  • What are your working hours?
  • Are there times you would like to have time off, such as holidays?
  • Do you agree with my payment model?
  • What tools do you use?
  • What tools and software do you have experience with?
  • Do you consent to using a monitoring software?
  • Are there former clients who can tell me something about the way you work?
  • Do you have other clients?
  • Is there an area where you would like to improve?
  • What is important to you about your employer?
  • How much do you charge per hour or month?
  • Are there things you charge extra for?
  • Are you ready to sign a contract and NDA?

Give A Test Run:

Assigning a specific test task to complete will be good practice before hiring the VA. It can help you filter out the fittest and at the same time understand their delivering capacity and timeline. The test can also give the candidate a better idea about the service & quality you expect.

Adding on another tip – Don’t expect the virtual assistant to bring out a revolutionary result in the test run. There is always time to train them based on your business needs when they’re on board.

Not sure what to look for in the candidate?

Characteristics Of Good Amazon Va

Do you have concerns about the cost?

Some entrepreneurs fear that hiring a virtual assistant might add an unnecessary cost to their business. They might even gamble on getting the work done with the existing staff numbers, or hire a full-time employee.

But, the truth is, today’s virtual assistants are professional, independent contractors, and their services usually come with cost-cutting benefits, and not at unnecessary cost.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help save as much as 78% on operating costs annually

Moreover, the cost of hiring an Amazon virtual assistant varies depending on your need, the expertise of the VA and the location. You can expect to pay an Amazon VA starting $6/ hour to handle the admin, fulfillment and customer service task.

And around $15 and above for someone with a specialized skill set for photo editing, market research, and marketing support.

Do you still think it’s not the right time and you can do it all by yourself?

For Amazon sellers who are unsure of when it is the right time to hire an Amazon virtual assistant. We would say that there is no such thing as a right time or a level form which you need to hire one.

For every individual seller the time at which you need external assistance might differ. That’s why, instead of waiting for the right time, you can ask yourself a set of questions to help decide if you are ready to hire your first Virtual Assistant for Amazon.

  • Do you think you are tired handling all the tasks involved in your business?
  • Are there important tasks that are slowly being neglected?
  • Do you think you’re spending every waking hour on tedious tasks such as product listing and account management?
  • Are you frustrated that you are not spending a valuable amount of time on new opportunities and brand promotion?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time you need a virtual assistant by your side for support. And Now let’s help you find the right virtual assistant for your Amazon business.

As one of the best Amazon Virtual Assistant providers, we understand the challenges for our clients while hiring virtual assistants. That’s why, to help you in the process, we have channelized the steps and included tips to make it easier.

But, where can you find the right Amazon virtual assistant?

Fiverr and Upwork are freelance websites that can help connect with freelancers from around the world. While Upwork can help connect easily with offshore virtual assistants. You can also find resources for long-term commitment and full-time assistance in this platform.

Alternatively, you can opt for hiring your first VAs from virtual assistant companies that offer virtual assistant services for Amazon.

Do you want to skip this step? And still want to build a team to boost your business?

We can help –

Vserve is one of the leading eCommerce back-end service providers in the US. In the past ten years we have emerged as a company that delivers time and cost-effective virtual assistant solutions to clients across the globe.  Our team of Amazon virtual assistants are expert problem solvers. Our VAs can dive in to provide expert strategies that can boost your productivity and sales.

All you have to do is sit back and relax while we bring in the best skills to your table.

Do comment below for further details or if would like to add your point to this blog.


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Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Listing Services

Outsourcing Amazon Listing Services

A persuasive product listing is the secret to boost your profits and increase your market share on Amazon. And, the quicker you can upload your Amazon product listing, the faster you can craft sales on your products.

But do you have the time and effort to deal with bulk product listing, product content creation  and upload? If not, you don’t have to hire yourself, or bog down your team on this monotonous task, instead outsource Amazon listing services to an expert ecommerce agency who can handle the hassle while you can focus on what’s best for your business. Here we can prove you why –

Amazon is changing the eCommerce game!

As one of the largest eCommerce platforms, it offers incredible opportunities to reach a massive customer base and delivers the infrastructure needed to do so.

Infact, almost half of Amazon sellers generate 80-100% of revenue from Amazon sales. And 50% of Amazon’s revenue in 2019 came from the third-party sellers.

Evolving every second, Amazon also makes the marketplace welcoming for small and medium businesses. And as a small business, you can gain profits by utilizing its ubiquity and tapping into the array of opportunities.

Easier said than done, establishing an Amazon store is more than just signups and listing your products. With fierce competition and ever-growing customer expectation, it’s about differentiating your product in a meaningful way, yet keeping your profit margin.

To your surprise, your Amazon product listing can make it happen. An asset to your Amazon store, the product data augments your customer’s shopping experience with an appeal that drives them towards purchase. And, unique product descriptions can convince customers to buy your product against that of your competitor’s.

Outsourcing Amazon Listing Services is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

Though not rocket science, creating and listing your products on Amazon is best when left to the experts. Not only does expert support offer you a competitive advantage, but various other benefits, including cost savings and all the needed time to focus on your core business growth.

Sceptical about outsourcing the product listing and optimization tasks to an agency? Here are the benefits that an outsourcing partner can bring to your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Listing Services

Benefits Of Outsourcing Alazon Listing Services

Time to Focus on Revenue Earning Opportunities

Day-to-day Amazon tasks can take away all your time. Between updating PPC campaigns to frequent product uploads, you may miss out on potential growth opportunities and brand promotion. And, If you add filling out product descriptions, and the fact that it may not be your expertise, it eats up the valuable time and resources that you cannot afford to waste.

On the other hand, a reliable outsourcing partner takes good care of your product listings. They use strategies to ensure that your Amazon store will always be updated. They provide accurate and high-quality listings to help you stand out from the crowd that is selling the same product as you. And at the same time, they can give you back all the time and resources needed to build your business to success.

Expert Support

The eCommerce giant has a massive yet closed ecosystem. Everything within its systems is focused on and specific to Amazon’s goals and functions. From customer service to the tools that support it, Amazon has its own rules.

While you might have a basic understanding of how Amazon product listing works, a professional partner will have years of experience with building and managing Amazon product portfolios. They ensure that every element in your product listing is appealing, informative and prompts the customer to make a purchase. Moreover, if you wish to utilize Amazon’s seller central and vendor central account benefits, most outsourcing partners will be ready to step in to support you with that.

Boost Page Ranking

To rank better on Amazon and Google, you need to optimize your product listing to perfectly catch your customer attention. But, attaining the most informative and appealing Amazon product listing is not a cakewalk.

However, professional Amazon listing service partners can craft the product listing that carries all the major relevant product keywords along with their variations. With search possibilities incorporated, they create listings which are appealing, readable, and get and picked up by the search engine. This strategy can boost your ranking and improve product visibility.

Increase Conversion

Buyers always look for interesting and informative product details before making a purchase decision. They expect the product details to be accurate, and have the exact feel they would experience in a physical store.

This may not be a challenge with a few products in hand. But, it’s time-consuming and a tiresome task when your product range increases from few to hundreds and thousands.

That’s when an expert product listing services team can help you when outsourcing Amazon listing services. They can handle various tasks that are involved in presenting high-quality product details to your customers.

  • They use impeccable and compelling marketing language to drive conversions by focusing on key product benefits.
  • The listing will be in par with the best-selling competitors, to put you in a position to dominate the SERP.
  • They make sure that the product image is free from flaws and depict the original features of your product, and
  • Help gain confidence by providing authentic and transparent product information to your customers.

This approach to providing high-quality and accurate product details on every unique product page has proven to increase traffic as well as conversion-rate and sales on Amazon.

Cost Benefits

Outsourcing Amazon listing services is cost effective. An entire team will take care of the upload on Amazon while you can chill waiting for the profit. And it’s more effective than hiring a full-time employee, where you’ll have to pay only a fixed amount or hourly rates when compared to paying beyond the salary for a full-time employee.


As your business grows or during seasonal sales, you will need assistance with managing your expanded portfolio. You need to ensure timely product updates and might need to add more resources to meet the increase in product volume. Many businesses fail to capitalize here as they lack the scalability that matches the opportunities.

Outsourcing Amazon product listing tasks provides you with the ability to scale up with already trained staff that can handle the increase in the product volume.  Conversely, scaling back down to a smaller team is equally easier, when the demand is temporary.

Get all your business needs met in one place!

At Vserve, we understand the time and effort it takes to create a well-optimized Amazon product listing. From creating appealing product descriptions, attractive images to optimize your product listing, we have required skill and expertise to be the one-stop solution for all your Amazon listing service requirements. You can count on our commitment to deliver top-quality Amazon listing services, complying with industry best practices and timelines.


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Top 7 Reasons to Outsource Amazon Price Tracking Services in 2020

Amazon Price Tracking

Price matters on Amazon!

Maintaining competitive pricing on Amazon is the key to win both the buy box and your customers. But, there is a fine line between staying competitive and losing your profit margin. A smart Amazon pricing strategy should have the right balance of maximizing your profits and selling steadily in the marketplace. Here is where monitoring your competitor’s pricing is essential, as it plays a crucial role in shaping your pricing strategy.

What is Amazon Price Tracking?

Amazon price tracking is the method of monitoring and analyzing competitors and market price trends to optimize your pricing strategy. It is either done manually or using an automated competitor price tracking tool.

Amazon Price Tracking Comparison

Why Do I Need to Track Competitor Pricing on Amazon?

As we explained, setting your pricing strategy with detailed market insights has a competitive advantage and improved sales performance. To define further an effective pricing strategy is essential –

To win the Buy Box

Stats prove that 82% of Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box

Amazon’s “Buy Box” algorithm focuses on adding value to its customers by evaluating the right seller for every purchase based on a series of metrics. And, pricing is one of the predominant factors to win the “Buy Box”. To gain this opportunity, an Amazon seller should consistently monitor the market prices and dynamically reprice the product to stay on top competitors.

Amazon Buy Box

To Win your Customers

 90% of shoppers will head to Amazon and search for the same product, even after finding their product on another website.

It’s because Amazon is known for its competitive pricing, speed-to-light shipping, and reliable customer service. Customers are more likely to purchase the same product on Amazon than with other online retailers when they have a prime membership.

That is why Amazon has made pricing as an influencing factor to rank on top of its search results and appreciate sellers following a competitive pricing strategy.

Now, if you ask, whether you have to develop an in-house Amazon Price Tracking Solution or Outsource it?

Here’s what we would recommend –

Competitor price tracking not only means continually checking on your competitor and pricing your product lower than theirs. But about achieving greater profitability through the effective use of competitor’s data, which makes it time and resource-intensive with a need for expert support.

So we suggest, it’s best to leave the job to an expert. This helps you get back the time and resources needed to focus on your customers.

Let’s look further on reasons to outsource Amazon price tracking services –

Manual Price Tracking on Amazon is Time Consuming:

Amazon sellers who have dabbed in manual competitor price tracking knows it is essential to make analytics based on the vast datasets acquired. Especially when you want to manage thousands of SKUs, it is a daunting task to manage the prices of those SKUs while monitoring their competitors as well.

And with dozens of prices changing dozens of times per day on Amazon, retailers would be remiss to try and control everything manually in-house. A pricing specialist can make sure that you have a complete and accurate set of data, acquired faster, and accessible as and when needed.

Automated Price Tracking is not a Stand-Alone Solution:

Nowadays, automated Amazon price tracking tools are trending in the online market. The tool automatically identifies all your competitor prices for your product and updates your price as per the predefined rules assigned to it. Sellers find it useful to integrate the tool with their Amazon seller account. Still, there are reasons why it cannot be a stand-alone solution for price monitoring.

Not every competitor price tracking tool can be compatible with your Amazon seller account. You need expert support to identify the right tool that best fits your business on Amazon and manage it. Moreover, you need the right skills to understand the algorithm and feed the correct data, as any minor error can result in inaccurate pricing.

Outsourcing can help Save Cost upto 40%

Automated price monitoring tools are expensive and besides hiring an expert, setting up the infrastructure, and training your employees can crunch your margin. Outsourcing competitor price tracking can provide the same quality output but at an affordable cost. Expert Price monitoring partners can offer a complete solution, including the tools and infrastructure needed to provide the service. You only have to pay for the projects and the hours worked.

You can Gain Access to Extensive Analysis and Insights

The purpose of competitor price tracking is to set your price for profitability by capturing more value and sales. An outsourced team can provide a detailed and timely report on competitor pricing details beyond the product level. They can provide information on competitor pricing trends, Amazon price history tracking, and detailed analysis of the marketplace. This information can help you to make well-informed marketing decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

You can Focus on your Customers:

And, let your outsourcing partners take care of your competitors. Outsourcing allows you to pay attention to the critical decisions facing your customers instead of getting data. A third-party offering should enable you to quickly analyze and visualize market data. So, you can focus on devising marketing and sales strategies instead of juggling with data analytics.

Outsourcing can Ensure Data Accuracy.

An automated price monitoring system can be a real time-saver. But data accuracy can be at stake, especially with extensive product volume input. With tools, it is practically not possible to ensure a 100% match of your product data with that of your competitors. Because not every product specification and SKU detail will automatically match with that of your competitors. That’s when it’s essential to have an integrated price monitoring approach.

With a combination of cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise, Vserve’s Amazon competitive intelligence solution ensures you receive the benefits of both the methods. Our price monitoring experts can manually complete the data search for the missed product matches to ensure results with improved data accuracy in quick turnaround time.

Maximize your Revenue by Optimizing your Pricing Strategy with Vserve Amazon Price Tracking Services:

At Vserve, we deliver a wide gamut of Amazon price tracking and repricing services. We consistently observe your competitor pricing and product details, their pricing history, competitive ranking to provide timely reports and alert notification to make better pricing decisions. Our services are designed for global clients in increasing their opportunity to rank higher on Amazon; magnetize customers and drive more revenue to their business.


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